Saturday, November 23, 2013

My Grandma Helen

Anthony & Tony Pinto November 16, 1929

My maternal Grandmother, Helen Louise Giammaria
was born on December 4, 1910, in Cleveland, Ohio at 10520 Frank Avenue.
She was born into a large family and had seven brothers and sisters. She married Anthony Pinto at St. Marian Church in Cleveland. They met when my Grandpa's family became borders in the Giammaria home.  She was eighteen and he was twenty-four. She had four children: Florence, Lawrence, Jean Ann and my Mother, Marie Elena. She had eight grandchildren. She was a housewife all her life but was interested in politics, PTA, church club, festivals, and she was Clerk of courts in her hometown.  Her favorite hobby was her grandchildren, and reading mysteries.  She had a large bookcase in her bedroom which was full of books!
I have fond memories of my "Grandma Helen".  My sister and I spent many weekends, and many weeks in the summer at their home.  We also spent almost every Sunday visiting with our grandparents, our Aunts and Uncles, and our cousins.  
Florence, Tony, Helen, Marie Elena and Larry Pinto 1963
Grandma had many traditions! She would make "crispels" every Christmas.  Her recipe called for "12 eggs and lots of flour, and the rolled cookie dough would be dropped in hot oil.  Sprinkle with powdered sugar and store in large potato chip tins." She would pass them out to everyone - family and friends!  Another favorite tradition for me was on New Years Eve.  Every year my sister and I slept at their house and at midnight, she would send us outside on the front steps ringing bells.  Grandma also had a glass tea cart with many clear glass candy jars full of Hershey bars, gumdrops, and candy that her grandchildren loved to eat.  She was famous for making "tin roof" sundaes (vanilla ice cream, Hershey's syrup, and salted peanuts on top).  We also did lots of shopping!!