Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Feast Of Assumption: The Tradition continues

The annual Feast of the Assumption Festival (also referred to informally as The Feast) is a four day Catholic street Festival centered around Holy Rosary Church on Mayfield Road near its intersection with Murray Hill Road in Cleveland’s  Little Italy neighborhood. Held annually since 1898, the Feast occurs around August 15th in concordance with the observance of the Assumption of Mary.  It includes a procession of a statue of the Virgin through the streets leading to the church, as well as a nightly mass.
My father's family lived in Little Italy and we celebrated the Feast every August! I have been attending the Feast every year of my life.  I am now continuing the tradition with my son, Michael who has also attended the Feast every year of his life so far. This was the 116th Annual Feast of Assumption and we had a great time! I hope this family tradition continues for many more years!
Three of my friends, me and my son Feast 2014

My best friend Patty, my cousin Michelle, the owner Nicole and me in the Smoke Shop
Me and my sister, Elena on the Holy Rosary church steps