Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Great Grandfather Carmine

I'm going to start my NEW GENEALOGY BLOG with a photo of my Great Grandfather Carmine Franzese aka Herman Francis, Carmen Franzese, and Carmine Francis depending on what document you may be reading...I remember my Great Grandpa Carmen very well because he lived right next door to his daughter, Rose (my Grandmother). 

He was born in San Giuliano del Sannio, Italy in March of 1884 and married Angela Maria Salvatore in February1909 in that same town. The first time he came to America, he was 14 years old and he came with his family - his mother and his siblings.  This was after his father had died in Italy. They arrived at Ellis Island on December 23, 1898.
He obviously went back to Italy before 1909, got married and came back to America on his honeymoon.  He served in the Italian Army and I believe he fought in the Italo-Turkish War. The two countries fought over Libya, 1911-1912.

Every time I would see him he would give me, my sister and my cousins money! It would usually be a silver dollar for each of us.He didn't speak too much English, mostly Italian, but enough to understand him when I was a kid. 
He loved to plant a  wonderful huge garden up behind his small garage on a hill every Spring and he was proud of it. He moved into Little Italy of Cleveland, OH in about 1921. They first settled on "Piggy Street" for about 3-5 months.   

Carmen and Angela bought a home on East 125th Street in 1922.  They had five children: Mary, Lena, Rose, Domenic, and Josephine. His military service was in the Italian Army. He worked as a landscaper and retired in 1959.

He passed away at 93 years old and is buried at Lakeview Cemetery next to his wife.